Meet Our Owners

Meet The HomeWell Care Services Franchisees 

At HomeWell Care Services, we know that our franchisees do not fit a specific mold. Our franchisees have previous experience in the military, the public sector, and large businesses alike. Some were C-Suite executives and some were caregivers. They come from big cities and small towns. 

What they do have in common is a passion for serving their community. 

HomeWell’s home care agencies serve over one hundred communities in the United States. At the helm of every one of our agencies is a franchisee who has committed their professional lives to caring for those in their community.

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Want To Become A HomeWell Franchisee?

Our current HomeWell franchisees were in your shoes, too. They were looking for a business opportunity and were curious about how the home care industry might fit their personal and professional goals. If you have questions, be sure to download our Franchise Kit to learn more. 

Do you want to meet more HomeWell franchisees? Head to our video library to watch HomeWell franchisees talk about why they joined HomeWell and what their experience has been like.

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