A HomeWell Owner Spotlight

February 18, 2021

Josh Frommer of Anchorage, AK

HomeWell Care Services is on a mission to connect with like-minded individuals that align with our core principles to achieve mutual success. If it were not for the unique talents of each of our franchise owners, our organization would not be able to make an impact at the scale we desire. The best part of a franchise relationship is being able to leverage your strengths with the strengths of others in order to have faster breakthroughs and shared success. A fantastic example of this sort of partnership is with our Anchorage, AK franchise owner, Josh Frommer.

HomeWell in Anchorage, AK is a family owned, nurse managed, professional home care agency that was founded to provide Alaskan seniors and adults with disabilities exceptional care in their homes. Josh and his family have been open since January of 2006. They made the decision to open their business after recognizing the need for quality home care services in their local market.

We recently sat down with Josh to hear his story:

HWCS: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you did prior to becoming a HomeWell Care Services Franchise Owner

JF: I have been married to my awesome wife, Leslie, for 21 years, and have two children, aged 20 and 17. I am a lifelong Alaskan, and have lived in the Anchorage area for 25 years. My professional background began in the automotive service industry, followed by working as an agent in the insurance and financial services industry. We began our HomeWell journey in 2006. I went to nursing school while operating our HomeWell office and have been a registered nurse since 2015.

HWCS: You are a “second generation” franchise owner, having taken over the business from your parents, can you share with us some words of advice for anyone considering partnering in this business with a family member?  

JF: We began our HomeWell franchise with the intention of having it be a generational family business. I have been a manager of the company since day 1 but did not assume an ownership role until 2016. Having a family member involved in business continuation planning makes a lot of sense if you have a candidate in your family that is willing and able to take on the responsibility. In our situation, it has been mutually beneficial to all parties, and we work well together. We have known each other quite a while by now, and surprises are few and far between. I have a vested interest in their ongoing success as well as my own. As far as my children taking over the family business, the jury is still out on that!

 HWCS: What does a typical day look like for you as a HomeWell Care Services franchise owner?

JF: My role is primarily oversight of our office staff and their functions, making business related decisions, ensuring our business operations remain legal and profitable, putting out fires, etc. It is much more of a big picture, oversight type role. I still work directly with a handful of clients in a care management role, which I very much enjoy.

HWCS: You’ve had a long track record of success here with HomeWell, what has been the key to that success?

JF: Initially, taking some risk was required. Diligence and perseverance got us through the discouraging times we encountered occasionally through the first few years. From a standpoint of creating a space for ourselves in our market, quality, service, and follow-up has been the key. We care a lot about our clients and the service they receive, and it shows. We have been blessed with the ability to work primarily from referrals as a result. Keeping a pulse on the industry and adapting to the changes that are needed has also been a key to remaining successful.

“Jump in with both feet.” –  Josh Frommer

HWCS: Can you share a piece of advice for future franchise owners who’d like to see success similar to yours?

JF: Jump in with both feet. We spent our first year partially engaged, all working other jobs for much of the first year, and ultimately, I didn’t move out of the insurance industry entirely until our third year in business. Things picked up quickly when we were all working full time toward the same goal. Look for growth opportunities and develop strong relationships in your community with centers of influence.

HWCS: What is the competitive landscape like in your market? Do you feel like there is enough opportunity for you to continue to grow?

JF: We have significant competition in our market, with more companies starting up all the time. Despite that, there is plenty of opportunity and room for growth. We are an established agency with a reputation of providing high quality services. Our biggest challenge, and our limiting factor, is finding and retaining high quality staff. This has forced us to be selective on how many new clients we can take on while maintaining the quality we are known for. We are working on overcoming that hurdle now, but it has proven difficult.

HWCS: What would you say is the biggest value that the HomeWell brand brings to your business?       

JF: Probably the biggest benefit we get from the corporate office is having them keep a pulse on what we need to know to stay competitive and relevant. We rely on the information provided to us to maximize our visibility in the market, understand changing technology, and maintain our reputation. We also really enjoy and benefit from the annual conferences, not just because we learn valuable information from the home office, but also because we are able to visit with other franchisees and exchange ideas.

HWCS: Do you feel like being a part of a franchise organization has helped you grow your business? In what ways?

JF: Absolutely it has helped to grow our business. The network of experts at the home office has provided support when needed throughout our time in the business. Additionally, we love having access to the network of other owners who are always willing to provide helpful information and encouragement.

HWCS: Tell us something about you that most people would never guess.

JF: I enjoy foraging for wild mushrooms to eat.  I built a mushroom habitat in my yard this year to grow some of my favorite species that are difficult to find in the wild, which should produce fruit in 1-2 years. Fingers crossed!

HWCS: What’s the number one item on your life’s “bucket list”?

JF: I have been able to check off a number of items over the past decade, but things keep getting added… Presently it is a tie between buying a 1967 Firebird 400 hardtop and taking a monthlong vacation with my family to Europe.

At HomeWell our franchise owners are motivated for life changing success. Our comprehensive training, industry education and personalized support results in the fastest launching, highest grossing franchise owners in the industry. They leave behind the monotony of corporate America with conviction and passion to build an impactful business that empowers their employees to make a difference in the lives of others. For more information about becoming a HomeWell Franchise Owner visit www.homewellfranchising.com or give us a call (817) 916-8904.

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