A HomeWell Owner Spotlight

February 25, 2021

Ray Black Columbus, OH

HomeWell Care Services  is on a mission to connect with like-minded individuals that align with our core principles to achieve mutual success. If it were not for the unique talents of each of our franchise owners, our organization would not be able to make an impact at the scale we desire. The best part of a franchise relationship is being able to leverage your strengths with the strengths of others in order to have faster breakthroughs and shared success. A fantastic example of this sort of partnership is with our Columbus, OH franchise owner, Ray Black.

Prior to joining HomeWell Ray worked as the Vice President and Chief Operating officer of Modern Medical, a provider of products and services to the workers’ compensation community.  Ray grew the company to $60MM in annual revenue, providing  a wide range of products including prescription drug cards, durable medical equipment, translation services, transportation services and home care services.

In 2010, after 21 years with Modern Medical, Ray felt it was time to move on.  The increasing rules and regulatory landscape in the workers compensation world were making the industry difficult to function within. Ray wanted to stay in the health care industry but wanted something that was private pay.  He felt that venturing into a private pay model would allow for a business that aligned better with his true core mission, providing the highest possible quality of service.  Ray and his business partner, Lisa, found HomeWell and it seemed to align with this vision as well.  Ray has now been in the business for over nine years and looking forward to many more.

We recently sat down with Ray to hear his story:

HWCS: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you did prior to becoming a HomeWell Care Services Franchise Owner

RB: I have been involved in executive business management for over 40 years.  Prior to joining HomeWell, I spent 21 years in the workers’ compensation industry providing a variety of products and services to injured workers.

HWCS: Did you investigate other business opportunities prior to joining HomeWell Why did you choose HomeWell over the others?

RB: Yes, when we started our journey, we initially researched about 15 senior care opportunities.  We soon narrowed it down to three, one that was an existing franchise, another in a rural territory and then HomeWell.  Quite simply, the existing franchise overvalued the worth of his office and the rural territory just logically did not make sense.  Therefore, we decided on HomeWell.  The major reason HomeWell was selected was because they had a territory available that made sense to me.

HWCS: What does a typical day look like for you as a HomeWell Care Services franchise owner? 

RB: Today or nine years ago? This answer is dependent on the skill set of the owner.  My background is finance and operations, so in the beginning, I spent my time doing HR functions and scheduling caregivers.  My business partner spent her time marketing and with client relations.  Today, my time is spent with finances, monitoring KPI’s, the budget, etc.  My primary function in the organization is being the visionary.  Remaking and developing new policy and procedures to maintain our lead in our market.

HWCS: You’ve had a long track record of success here with HomeWell, what has been the key to that success? 

RB: A lot of hard work, especially the first couple of years.  This is a 24/7 industry and you need to be prepared to work hard.  Another key to success, is not to let your success slow you down.  Always continue to improve your operation no matter how good you are (or think you are).

HWCS: Can you share a piece of advice for future franchise owners who’d like to see success similar to yours?

RB: I know I am repeating myself, but work hard.  The revenue will not just come to you, you need to work for it but in an intelligent way.  If you have sales people, make them accountable. Lastly, and most importantly, always evolve and plan.

HWCS: What is the competitive landscape like in your market?  Do you feel like there is enough opportunity for you to continue to grow?

RB: We are a non-licensed state so there is a lot of competition.  We actually have over 300 competitors in our market.  Saying that, most are not formidable.  If you provide world class service to your clients and to your employees, you really don’t need to care about the competition – success will come to you.

HWCS: What would you say is the biggest value that the HomeWell brand brings to your business?

RB: In Central Ohio, the brand “HomeWell” is recognized for the quality of service we provide. If someone is shopping price, we will unlikely get the client.  If they are shopping quality, we will always close the client.  We have many competitors that refer business to us because they can’t handle it and they know we can not only handle it but with very good care quality.

HWCS: Do you feel like being a part of a franchise organization has helped you grow your business? In what ways? 

RB: Yes, because of two things.  First the sales support from corporate is outstanding and allows my new sales reps to get up to speed quickly.  The organization also allows interaction with other owners within the system which was very valuable to me in the beginning.

HWCS: Tell us something about you that most people would never guess:

RB: I may come across somewhat gruff, but I really enjoy helping others out in all types of life situations.

HWCS: What’s the number one item on your life’s “bucket list”? 

RB: I would say to slowly back away from the business and let others have success operating it.  I will however, continue to enjoy the cash flow!

At HomeWell, our franchise owners are motivated for life changing success. Our comprehensive training, industry education and personalized support results in the fastest launching, highest grossing franchise owners in the industry. They leave behind the monotony of corporate America with conviction and passion to build an impactful business that empowers their employees to make a difference in the lives of others. For more information about becoming a HomeWell Franchise Owner, or to see if your territory is available, please visit www.homewellfranchising.com or give us a call (817) 916-8904.

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