Home Care Industry Trends

The Future of the Home Health Care Industry

The future of the home care industry is looking brighter than ever. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for quality in-home care for seniors and other vulnerable populations has become more evident. Individuals are now looking in their community for reliable home care agencies — and companies like HomeWell Care Services are looking to fill the gap in that community. 

As home care becomes more in-demand than ever, here are a few trends to look out for and how they could affect the future of our industry. 

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Home Health Care Industry Growth

Seniors Want to Age In Place

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The pandemic highlighted the massive preference that seniors have for aging at home rather than in a senior facility. As a matter of fact, 77% of Americans 50 years old and older now say that they wish to remain in their own home as they age, according to the AARP. With 24% of those same Americans in the report saying they feel less connected to their community after the pandemic, the need for quality home care and companionship has never been more urgent.

These people need care, and the number of people who will need home caregivers in the future is expected to increase.

Baby boomers are becoming senior-aged at a rate of 10,000 per day, and a significant portion of them will require care at some point later in life. When they do, they’ll be looking for trusted resources close to home.

This is where you come in. You’ve lived in your community for a while and have likely created many relationships and met at least a few people who could benefit from a local HomeWell franchise. When you become a part of our network, you show your community that they can trust you to help and that you have the support of a nationwide company to keep your business running. It’s an all-around win.

All Care in the Home

Naturally, as more people age, more of them need home care in all forms. Another trending result of the pandemic is telemedicine. Telemedicine has allowed the landscape of home care and most forms of healthcare to expand into the online world. Once you learn how to make appointments and arrange meetings between clients and caregivers completely online, your clients can get even more personalized care based on their needs.

This increased demand for nontraditional health care bodes well for technological advancements in home care and beyond. Seniors are making it clear they prioritize convenience and comfort, which aligns with the home care industry’s values. With that in mind, a home care business or franchise that values in-person and online meetings equally is a good investment. 

More Caregivers Now Available 

Another reason home care businesses may be an attractive investment is because more caregivers are leaving hospitals and are now on the search for stable employment. Many medical professionals have experienced significant burnout in their hospital and private practice positions. The mass exodus does not mean these individuals care any less about helping people, though. Many of them are simply looking for a better opportunity to use their skills in a place that values their contributions while helping them make a difference.

With an influx of compassionate individuals looking for new opportunities, our home care franchise provides you the tools to better recruit the most talented among them. Many of these people already have some base knowledge on caregiving, so you can spend less time training them and more time allowing them to help grow your franchise. Many of our franchise owners are already seeing growth with new territories across the country that caregivers are eager to join.

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Falling Insurance Rates

Throughout the pandemic, more people have recognized how expensive healthcare can be for the average individual, and that realization has brought a public outcry from all over the country. Insurance companies are starting to listen. Falling medical costs mean that more people are likely to reach out for home care services.

Also, a larger elderly population means more people needing medical attention for long-term conditions like major bone breaks and types of cancers. Insurance companies want to reduce instances of readmittance, and they are likely to recommend seniors receive home care over making multiple trips to their doctor or hospital. When you open a HomeWell franchise in your area, you become the top destination for these recommendations.

Signature Programs 

HomeWell’s Signature Programs offer a service more valuable than the traditional everyday care found at most home care agencies. Designed by industry experts with our clients’ needs at heart, our Signature Programs offer a more proactive approach to safeguarding and strengthening our clients’ wellbeing so they can experience healthier, happier lives at home. These programs include the Life Enrichment Activities Program, SureStep Fall Prevention Program and the GoHomeWell Post Medical Program.

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