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Frequently Asked Questions About a HomeWell Care Services Franchise 

Buying any franchise can be a confusing process. To help you understand a little more about the home care industry and the HomeWell Care Services brand, we’ve answered the most common questions that we hear from potential candidates.

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HomeWell FAQs

The senior care industry is thriving. Through at least 2030, the United States will see over 10,000 people turn 65 every single day, creating a high demand for franchises like HomeWell. We’re already seeing 40% of adults ages 65+ needing assistance with daily living activities. This leads to an estimated $522 billion a year spent by family and friends to provide informal care for aging Americans. Additionally, home care offers a much lower barrier to entry than other industries and a much higher return on a single unit.

HomeWell is uniquely positioned to be incredibly scalable, meaning that you can grow as large a business as you want. With a corporate team that is dedicated to your success, you can focus on hiring and building a team while we teach you the intricate details of running a home care agency. 

Our executive team feels like the real measure of our success is the success of our franchise owners. Our primary goal is to ensure every franchise owner has the resources, tools and support they need to build their business, hire top-notch caregivers and recruit clients within their communities. When we do that, our franchise owners can focus on making their business the best it can be and expanding it to surpass their largest dreams.

Our successful franchisees have been from a variety of backgrounds. However, we believe there are certain skills that prove to be beneficial when running a HomeWell agency. Many of our top franchise owners have backgrounds that help them understand business management and execution, and they have a resiliency about them that makes them continue to strive toward greatness even when they meet roadblocks. 

Surprisingly, most of our franchise owners start their businesses with little to no experience in home care. That’s because we are dedicated to educating our franchise owners and providing them with the resources they need to achieve their goals. Bring along some business know-how, and we’ll make sure you learn the rest.

HomeWell has decades worth of experience working in the home care industry, and through that time, we’ve seen how successful franchise owners can come from any walk of life. All we ask of our franchise owners is that they’re self-starters with a passion for business and are willing to work with our proven methods to reach success. Our professionals will bring all the knowledge you need to teach you how to grow your business, increase sales and enhance profitability.

Absolutely not. This is what makes joining the HomeWell family so special. Our franchise support team is in place to help guide and teach our owners the ins and outs of home care. Coupled with an owner’s business management experience, resiliency and openness to learn, this education leads to great success.

HomeWell is committed to providing our franchise owners with the tools and information needed to succeed from the start. During the initial months, our owners receive dedicated support from Opening Services, Training and Support teams. These teams guide our owners through important tasks needed to establish their business, gain industry knowledge and prepare for a successful business opening. Our goal is to not only help our owners set expectations and begin navigating the journey into new business ownership, but to launch quickly and effectively with decreased days to the dollar.

The average upfront investment ranges from $52,400 to $230,800 according to the 2023 FDD.



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The HomeWell site is more than just an introduction to our brand — it’s an educational asset. Peruse our home care resources to learn more about the industry and our brand. You can also take a peek at our franchise resources or free Franchise Kit to explore the world of business ownership. We’re happy to discuss any questions and concerns online or over the phone, so feel free to get in touch.

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