Why Franchising

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Why Franchising?

As a prospective business owner, you may be asking yourself: Should I start my own independent business or buy into a franchise system?

Owning a franchise allows you to operate within an established business model. Unlike an independent business, franchisees can enjoy the resources, relationships and support already built into their company instead of starting from scratch.

Running a franchise is incredibly similar to owning your own small business. However, home-based franchises have many advantages that do not typically accompany small-business ownership. Franchise owners actually get to experience the independence of owning a business without taking on all of the risks and expenses that come with startup companies. Learn about the differences between owning a franchise versus owning a business and see how franchising can help you reach your business goals.

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Advantages of Owning a Franchise

Franchising may provide a lot of benefits that starting a small, privately owned business does not. While owning a franchise is an investment just like owning a small business, there is a lot less uncertainty that goes with it. Franchise owners can be their own boss within a proven business model, saving themselves the time, cost and risk of starting with an unknown name. 

Franchising is becoming a more competitive resource for business owners in the home care industry. Because the demand for senior care services is quickly increasing, home care franchise owners are in a unique position to grow alongside their business. As you decide what your professional future holds, consider the pros of franchising with a nationally recognized brand like HomeWell. Home based franchises have many advantages, such as:

Perhaps the biggest benefit to working as a franchise owner instead of starting from scratch is that you will already have a base following. HomeWell is a well-recognized name all around the country, and when you set up one of our franchises in your community, people will immediately know what services you’re offering. Combined with the trust your community already has in you, it gives you a leg up finding caregivers and clients alike.

Owning a franchise gives you the freedom to work your way. You make your own schedule and decide what kind of manager you want to be. The difference in working with a franchise is that you still have support to help you grow your business.

Our business coaching offers you all the knowledge you need to launch a successful franchise. As you open for business and manage the day-to-day things, our team will be a phone call away. While your franchise is yours to run, we strive to always stay available to answer your questions and give you constant growth opportunities.

Owning a Franchise vs. Starting Your Own Business

Though franchise ownership is similar to starting your own business, franchising has certain unmatched perks. Often, franchises are attractive to business owners because of the support and established processes that are available to the franchisees. Starting a business may take years of planning, budgeting and hiring to make a profit. Franchise owners can get started at an established company and enjoy peace of mind as they learn to help it grow.

More and more business owners are choosing to franchise so they can create a lasting impact on their community without the stress of building a startup. When you own a HomeWell franchise, you even get directed training for every layer of the business. Our franchisees have grown remarkably in the industry because they have access to a strong network of resources. By taking advantage of the opportunities afforded by franchising, our network’s members have accomplished countless personal and professional goals.

When you become a HomeWell franchise owner, you can enjoy:

  • Essential services: As the number of seniors entering retirement increases, the home care industry is expected to grow exponentially.
  • Community involvement: Senior care prioritizes the health and safety of our retired community, and our franchise owners are a crucial component of this involvement.
  • Strong industry trends: As the world adjusts to new trends in franchising, home care offers new business opportunities that allow people to remain at home while receiving important services.


Josh Frommer

HomeWell continuously adds value to my business. They provide professional brochures and training programs, help their owns stay abreast of current trends, know how to incorporate technology into processes, provide good recommendations for partnering with other industry vendors, hold an annual Conference with key brand and industry information, and facilitates access to other franchisees for knowledge sharing.

Josh Frommer HomeWell Care Services in Anchorage, Alaska

Tracie Dominguez

I have never owned a business and know my weaknesses. I wanted the support of a proven business formula. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s been done?

Tracie Dominguez HomeWell Franchisee in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Frank Davis

We recognized the value of a system that is already working and where processes are already developed.  We can leverage the expertise of the franchisor in areas to complement our strengths.  We also see a lot of value in the network of fellow franchisees for sharing of best practices.

Frank Davis HomeWell Franchisee in Overland, Kansas

Kevin Walters

HomeWell, simply put, seems to do it the right way. From the focus of assessments, to the tools in place, the leadership in the Corporate Office and the existing franchise owners — this is an organization set up for success. I want to help build on that success!

Kevin Walters HomeWell Franchisee in Gateway, Florida

Josh Frommer

The HomeWell franchise community is a great group of people that have open discussion, work to help one another, and maintain a healthy amount of friendly competition. I am glad to be a part of this group.

Josh Frommer HomeWell Franchisee in Anchorage, Alaska

Elysa Coleman

The biggest factor for us in choosing to do a franchise instead of launching a business on our own was really the wealth of knowledge HomeWell provides. We could have gone the route of figuring everything out on our own, but we decided that the training, support, and knowledge the HomeWell team provides was worth the investment.

Elysa Coleman HomeWell Franchisee in Cypress, Texas

Mark Fratto

I was reluctant to join a franchise, but what drew me to HomeWell was their family feel; it wasn’t a corporate feel. HomeWell provides us with direction and gives us what we need but also gives us the freedom to do what we feel is best for our franchises.

Mark Fratto HomeWell Franchisee in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts

The environment feels nothing like corporate America. It truly feels like a team, as we all rely on each other—the owners, the corporate office—everyone.

Susie Lerma HomeWell Franchisee in Crossville, Tennessee

Vaishali Nileshwar

I chose HomeWell because I wanted to grow alongside a “growing company”. The HomeWell team is easy to work with and is so invested in my success. The enthusiasm is infectious! After talking to several other companies, I also believe the processes in place.

Vaishali Nileshwar HomeWell Care Services in Stafford, Texas

David Schloss

HomeWell was the best fit between improving lives and building a business. The HomeWell Corporate Team was a big reason I chose HomeWell.

David Schloss HomeWell Franchisee in South Palm Beach, Florida

Ronnie Taylor

The thing that stood out to me the most when deciding to join HomeWell was the transparency of the HomeWell corporate team.

Ronnie Taylor HomeWell Care Services in Cedar Park, Texas

Lou Romane

I have a lot of trust in the ownership. They listen to my needs and support me whenever I need.

Lou Romano HomeWell Care Services in Hackensack, New Jersey

Tim Spaulding

The leadership of HomeWell – they’re there for you – 24 hours a day. You can call them, and they’ll get back with you. You’re not alone.

Tim Spaulding HomeWell Care Services in Clackamas, Oregon

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Becoming a franchise owner is one of the most exciting times in your life, and HomeWell is here to ensure you get all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. Start by downloading our free Franchise Kit today, which will introduce you to the world of home care services and how we address the market’s specific needs. Make a difference in your community.

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