HomeWell Owner Spotlight: Tracie Dominguez

November 9, 2021

After retiring from the U.S. Army, Tracie Dominguez pursued her passion of opening a business that made a difference in her community. Her journey brought her to HomeWell Care Services, where she continues to draw on her military leadership experience as she runs her thriving home care agency.  

“Before I was a HomeWell Care Services owner, I was in the army for about 20 years,” says Tracie Dominguez, owner of HomeWell Care Services in Colorado Springs. “I retired in 2016 as an Army Major, Physician Assistant, and I wanted to do something completely different as a civilian. I wanted something that was very rewarding that I could be excited to wake up every day and do.”

“I decided to work for a mobile urgent care company in Denver, and I went to a lot of assisted living facilities. Working with the disabled and the elderly gave me my first taste of senior care. I knew there was a huge need for it, and that it was something I wanted to do as I pursued my passion of opening up my own business.”

Why were you drawn to owning your own business?

“I’d always worked for a corporation or enterprise where you can speak up and you can make decisions, but you’re not always heard,” says Tracie. “I felt I needed to do something more for my community locally, but not just by working for somebody else: I wanted my own vision, my own passion, my own way of leading my company.”

“My discovery process took almost a year and came down to HomeWell and another company. In the end, HomeWell really represented where I wanted to go.”

“Did HomeWell live up to my expectations? Every bit. I couldn’t believe effort they put into me, because one of the things that I read about franchises was that a lot of corporations just take your royalties, and they don’t really give back. With HomeWell, every time I’ve encountered a challenge, the company has always had my back. They’ll always spend an hour or two with you to help you through the crises that every new owner goes through.”

How has your military experience helped you as a HomeWell owner?

“One important thing is that the military taught me how to deal with people from different backgrounds,” says Tracie. “We had some soldiers who had no education, or who had been homeless. We also had princes of countries working while I was deployed. You learn how to deal with different people with different needs, and how to communicate to people on their level.”

“The military also teaches you how to think and plan,” says Tracie, “When we run into an emergency or a crisis, I approach it like war, with strategy. Okay: what’s the contingency? If we don’t have this caregiver here, what’s the backup? What’s the worst-case scenario?”

“I’ve been everywhere, often working with unknown conditions. When I was deployed, I treated people for my backpack. I slept in a tent from one day to the next. You’re trained to be flexible and to use the resources that you have; to improvise and get through with the approach that’s best for the situation.”

“I think that’s why I love home care. As a veteran this is what you’re used to: to moving, to going different places. It’s the same thing. You’re going into different homes all the time and making the best out of every home that you go to. You’re help clients achieve their goals with what they have, with a customized care plan that could be simple or complicated. I think that’s why veterans do so well, because every day is different and you have to adapt and be flexible.”

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