HomeWell Owner Spotlight: Bruce Dincin

February 2, 2022

“Five years ago, I decided I didn’t want to be in corporate America anymore,” says Bruce Dincin, owner of HomeWell Care Services in North Bethesda, MD. “I wanted to own my own business and I wanted it to be in healthcare. I really enjoy working with elderly people. The opportunity to be a HomeWell Care Services owner seemed just perfect.”

“There’s a big wide world out there of people who need help and care,” says Bruce. “Before my parents passed away, they were both in hospice. My wife’s grandmother had a caregiver for a long time. In all three of those instances, I realized how important it is to have great home care.”  

“HomeWell is about taking care of people”

“When I first talked to HomeWell, it was clear that their values aligned very much with mine,” says Bruce. “With HomeWell, it’s not just about the paycheck: it’s about taking care of people and providing great care. It’s about the importance of caregivers and treating them right. When I heard it from HomeWell, I felt that it wasn’t just words: they’re really aligned with my own values.”

“As an HomeWell owner, I really like working with our caregivers and inspiring them with my vision. It’s the same with our office staff. And I like working with our clients, especially at the beginning of their care management plan.”

Right now, my agency isn’t gigantic and I’m very close with all my clients,” says Bruce. “I talk to them at least once a week. We have many clients who are 95 years old, or a hundred, and I try to visit them about once a week. Some clients have gotten better and left us, but I’m still in touch with them: I’ve developed a relationship. That, to me, is the most fun.”

“A call from a happy client makes my day”

“The thing that makes me proud about what we do is that we are helping people,” says Bruce. “We’re helping people every single day with their activities of daily living, which builds up to their care goals, and to seeing them get better. Providing that care for the client, and also the respite for the family of reducing their anxiety and providing peace of mind, it feels great.”

“When I get a call from a client to say that their caregiver is a perfect match, it makes my day.”

Do you have the conviction and passion to build an impactful business that makes a difference in the lives of others? A HomeWell Care Services franchise could be your path to life-changing success. Take the first step and download our franchising kit today.

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