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November 3, 2020

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Brandon Clifford, vice president of franchise development for HomeWell Care Services, shares how this franchise honors veterans by offering a generous discount program. He explained: “Giving back to veterans was an initiative that I wanted to bring to HomeWell Care Services when I started with the company in May of 2019. Many veterans are a great fit for our brand, and with the sacrifice they have given to serve our country, a substantial discount once a year just made sense to me. We launched our 50% off promotion on Veterans Day 2019, and it was a tremendous success. Our veteran discount is 20% throughout the year, and we raise that discount to 50% off of the franchise fee for veterans that enter the process in November and execute a franchise agreement by January 1. We look forward to offering this deep discount annually.”

Featured are three new veteran franchisees who recently signed on with HomeWell Care Services.

Tracie Dominguez, Owner of HomeWell Care Services, Colorado Springs, CO

Tracie Dominguez, Owner of HomeWell Care Services, Colorado Springs, CO

Tracie Dominguez

During her 20 years of service in the U.S. Army, Tracie Dominguez studied and became a physician assistant. Shortly after her retirement, Dominguez continued to work as a PA at an urgent-care facility, offering services to home-bound patients. After seeing so many positive outcomes from home care visits, Dominguez wanted to make even more of a difference by opening her own business.

During her franchise search, Dominguez found that HomeWell clearly emulated the same visions and values she held, which was most important. “If I’m going to wear your T-shirt, I definitely have to believe in you,” Dominguez said.

Although extensive knowledge as a medical professional is not a franchisee requirement, Dominguez offered her years of medical insight and experience, so all she needed was guidance on the business side. HomeWell provided her with the assets, resources, and established systems needed to be successful, and she celebrated her grand opening in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in July.

In particular, Dominguez appreciates how HomeWell gives her the opportunity to provide a better quality of life to seniors, the homebound, and disabled veterans. She has been especially honored to provide care for fellow alumni Audrey Bocock of the Wounded Warrior Project, who uses a wheelchair.

Will Childers, Owner of HomeWell Care Services, Sussex, DE

Will Childers

After serving six years in the U.S. Marine Reserves, Will Childers went on to work in a variety of industries and earned his executive MBA from Loyola School of Business. As operations manager for a large homecare franchise, Childers successfully opened a skilled-care division in southern Delaware. When asked to open another location, he instead chose to open his own business. Along with Childers’ business partners, Patrice Schellinger, LPN, and Cydnei and Karlyssa, his daughters, he enjoys telling others his testimony of how he was led to HomeWell.

Once Childers signed on and gained access to HomeWell’s extensive library and impressive policies/procedures template, he completed his policy manual in several weeks. Despite COVID-19, Childers’ business opened in May 2020 in Sussex County, Delaware, and it took off quickly. As a result of marketing, networking and being a member of two senior/healthcare boards, Childers has been able to connect caregivers and clients to helpful resources, which brings additional loyalty to his brand.

Childers knows the level of passion required for this business, and he understands many of his clients’ difficulties, as he has had experience caring for his own aging family. “I understand the plight of family caregivers and what they go through,” Childers said. “Just like in the military, we are still serving.”

Us Air Force Man smiling for photo

Jason Gregory, Owner HomeWell Care Services, Pueblo, CO

Jason Gregory

Jason Gregory served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force, where he started out working in the civil engineering unit. He was deployed six times to the Middle East, and eventually became a health-care recruiter. Gregory knew that he wanted to become a business owner after retiring, and his passion for serving in the health-care field was solidified by the results of many military personality tests as well as circumstances related to his own aging family.

Immediately after meeting HomeWell’s corporate team, Gregory knew signing on with them was the right move. “Knowing their pillars and their vision statement, and all the programs they offer clients,
I couldn’t wait to sign on the dotted line,” he said.

Gregory said the vice president of the company is a text or email away, which offers a reassuring sign that this is a great organization. “These are the people I wanted to go into business with,” he said. Gregory feels a sense of camaraderie similar to what he once had in the military, which is hard to find. With a target grand opening of November 2020, Gregory is excited to hire his office staff and start serving clients in Pueblo, Colorado.

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For a Limited Time

For a limited time, we are offering 50% off of our initial franchise fee for our Nation’s Military, who are ready to write the next chapter of their career. If you think you have what it takes, we invite you to download our opportunity guide to take advantage of this special offer and get started on your HomeWell journey.

Original article featured on Franchise Dictionary and in their November Issue.

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