HomeWell Insider: What Makes a HomeWell Franchise Unique?

October 29, 2021

The world doesn’t need more donuts and fried chicken franchises, says Brandon Clifford, but it definitely needs more care and compassion. In a new series, we’re asking the HomeWell Care Services leadership team what makes HomeWell unique for its franchisees—starting with our SVP of Franchise Development and Franchise Services. You can read more below the video.

What gets you most excited about working at HomeWell Care Services?

What gets me most excited about HomeWell and the home care industry is that it’s a service that’s needed in the times we’re living in. Our tagline is: Trusted Care. True Compassion.

I have a business ownership background and was in the food and restaurant space for a long time. I worked with hundreds of different franchise brands over my career. At the end of the day, a fried chicken franchise or a doughnut franchise can be fulfilling. However, the world doesn’t necessarily need more donuts and fried chicken—but it needs more caring and compassion.

So, our mission at HomeWell is to spread trusted care and true compassion nationwide, via franchising.

What makes HomeWell special for its franchisees?

HomeWell is kind of a unicorn: it’s that type of franchise where we’re big enough to have all of the bells and whistles that a potential franchise owner or investor is looking for. But we’re not so large that our franchisees are just a number.

I know all of our franchisees by first name. They have a direct line to me and to our CEO. Throughout the whole lifecycle, whether setting up your business, going through training, opening your doors, launching your business, scaling your business—even when the day comes to sell your business—you’ll have a single point of contact at HomeWell who can find out the answer to any question.

To find that happy medium in a franchise system is difficult. Right now, HomeWell is there.

What makes HomeWell stand out as a home care brand?

In local markets, what separates HomeWell agencies from other, similar services and competitors is our brand programs. Our SVP of training and brand programs, Michelle Cone, and her team, have done a tremendous job of providing relevant, solution-oriented programs.

Our franchisees don’t just take care of activities of daily living; they help people get better. They help them live better lives at home.

I know that a lot of other brands might help with dishwashing, help around the house, or help people get out of bed in the morning. But the real, tactical things that can reduce slip and fall rates, or prevent rehab and hospital readmission—the things that really add value to the healthcare community—is where our HomeWell owners shine.

What type of background do HomeWell Care Services owners have?

Our owners typically come from two groups. The first has a business ownership or business management background. They see the vast opportunity in the senior care space, where we’re all getting older and time doesn’t stop. From a business standpoint, they see the opportunity of helping people who want to live longer, healthier lives at home.

They get into their discovery process and see that they can build a really big business and have financial security for their family. But they’re also going to be able to put their head on the pillow at night and feel really good about what they’re doing in their local community.

The second group have a care background: maybe a career in nursing or occupational therapy, or physical therapy. They go to school, get their degree, spend 15 or 20 years in that field, maybe get burned out, and decide to get entrepreneurial.

They see the opportunity to use their skillset as they build a business for themselves. They realize that they can keep taking care of people like they wanted to do, while building something that replaces their salary and creates equity for their family.

At the end of the day, whichever group an owner comes from, their grit and drive is what makes them successful. A great HomeWell franchisee is someone with that no-quit attitude: someone with the tenacity and determination to want to impact people’s lives at scale.

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