How Do Home Care Agencies Get Clients?

Home care agencies can deliver helpful services to any community. Like any business, though, it may take some work to get things off the ground and start bringing in regular clients. Many of our franchisees at HomeWell Care Services dedicate hours to thinking about how to get clients for their non-medical home care business. Working with an established name like HomeWell means receiving help in laying the groundwork for a client acquisition model. Before you even open your doors, you have the trust and respect our name has earned through years of serving the nation’s aging population.

How to Find Clients for Home Care Agencies

While there are countless ways to expand your franchise’s outreach and bring in new clients, start with three of the most well-known methods. 

Online Marketing

Digital marketing is perhaps the best place for new franchises to start advertising their services. Setting up profiles and starting to reach out to local brands and potential clients takes minimal effort, and it starts getting your name out there so people know who you are. Your online marketing plan should involve actions such as:

  • Building your social media presence
  • Creating and enhancing your business’ website
  • Making blog posts and using search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Listing your services on Google and in databases
  • Creating a mailing list and email newsletters

When you’re a franchisee with HomeWell, our team has plenty of on-the-job experience and templates to start building your online brand as soon as possible.

In-Person Networking

While online marketing is crucial, nothing beats the connections you can make by meeting people in person. This is especially true when you aim to connect with the potential allies in your community — local businesses who already serve the people you hope to appeal to. Networking with local businesses and community centers can help you get to know more of the people in the area who could benefit from home care services. Working with these brands may help you both grow your customer base and innovate new opportunities for the future.

Client Referrals

In many ways, your first clients are the most important people you will ever work with. They and their families will be the first ones submitting reviews and telling their friends about their experiences with your franchise location, setting the mood for every potential client who explores your services after them. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most valuable tools any business can have, and when you serve your clients well, they’ll be sure to send on the message to others looking for similar services.

Find Non-Medical Home Care Leads With HomeWell

When you choose to open a franchise with HomeWell, you’ll have the support of national name recognition, a team of expert franchise representatives and a comprehensive online platform to help you learn about advertising, sales, marketing and more. Download our free franchise kit today to learn more or contact our team and see why we lead the industry in non-medical home care.

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