Empowering Your Community: Making a Difference Through In-Home Care Franchising

As the American population ages, the need for non-medical home care services has risen in communities nationwide, presenting an opportunity for dedicated entrepreneurs to bring in new ways of serving their local community. Opening a HomeWell home care franchise can offer your loved ones new ways to find support as they age. 

These are just a few of the ways our franchisees have been able to help those around them as they establish their business. 

Keep Families and Communities Together

Home care is a popular alternative for older adults who may otherwise need to enter a full-time care facility to get the support they need. Many people get invaluable support from their family and community that they would miss. By providing home care services in your area, you enable people to stay at home with their loved ones and enhance the care they already receive from their community.

Help People Live Where They Want To

Similarly, just as care facilities require older adults to leave behind their community, it also means they have to move out of the home they’ve made their own. They may feel uncomfortable living somewhere else, or they may simply want to stay in the home they’ve loved and planned to retire in for years. Your community home care services help them achieve this goal while feeling safe and supported, thanks to you and your staff’s commitment to personalized care.

Add Jobs to the Local Economy

When HomeWell helps you bring a new franchise location to your area, we encourage you to seek out and hire those within your community first. Like you, these people know the neighborhood and are best suited to navigate the local culture and appeal to those in need of home care in the community. This allows you to create new jobs in the area, contributing to your town’s economy and further supporting the area you’ll serve.

Engage in Community Outreach and Support

HomeWell’s home and community care services do more than serve the aging population in your area. Our network supports franchise owners throughout their setup and growth, encouraging them to offer new resources whenever possible. We help you find new ways to offer value to your community as a whole, whether that’s through inviting everyone to tour your facility or supporting other local brands through fundraisers and education.

Offer Affordable, Human-Focused Care

In-home care is generally more affordable than its alternatives, making it more accessible to a wider sector of the community. HomeWell is here to help you establish yourself as a resource for the entire community, offering personalized, human-centered care to those who may otherwise not have access to it.

Start Your Community Home Care Agency

At HomeWell Care Services, we make sure our franchisees and their staff are dedicated to bettering their communities and meeting individuals where they are, with what they need. If a home care franchise sounds like the right option for you, download a franchise kit today and see how you can serve those you love and build a financial future simultaneously. You can also contact us to hear firsthand how HomeWell works with you.

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