Why Seniors Prefer Home Care

As we age, our bodies can limit us, and we may need help completing everyday tasks. Once living on their own becomes a hazard to their safety, older adults and their families must decide between a long-term care facility and in-home care.

Consistent statistics show that over 77% of adults 50 and older wish to remain in their own homes for long-term care. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of home care and better understand why it is the most preferred option.

Seniors Can Stay Independent

Aging bodies can be frustrating, especially as pain interferes with daily activities like cooking, cleaning and laundry. Many older adults can be embarrassed to ask a loved one for help and are determined to do it independently. With home care, they can continue making independent decisions while being monitored for safety. 

Home Familiarity Increases Senior Health

After traveling, there’s no better rest than the first night back in your own bed. The same goes for overall health — our bodies lose the ability to quickly adapt as we age. Preserving familiarity can positively impact an older adult’s health, providing them with a sense of comfort.

Home Care Reduces Isolation

Allowing older adults to stay in their homes encourages positive relationships with their friends, family and community. Most nursing homes have limited visiting hours, but home care allows for schedules to be worked around holidays and day-to-day life.

In-Home Health Care Saves Money

By staying at home, many older adults can save on medical or residential expenses by only paying for the necessary services. At this point, many people have paid off their homes, making overall costs less expensive. Lowering costs can reduce general financial stressors for older adults in retirement age.

Clients Experience a Higher Quality of Life

Combining all the previously mentioned points, older adults can enhance their mental and physical health with home care, ultimately providing a higher quality of life. Specifically, staying at home, saving money and being surrounded by friends can increase their dignity, independence and self-esteem.

Choose HomeWell For A Proven Senior Care Brand

The demand for home care only continues to increase in the United States, including your community. You can help address this need by starting a home care franchise with HomeWell. Together, we can combine our passions for older adults’ health and set you up to succeed. For more information on how franchising can benefit you and the seniors in your community, contact HomeWell or download our franchise kit today!

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