Meet the Newest HomeWell Care Services Owners

March 25, 2021

We are pleased to announce four new owners that have recently signed on to open a HomeWell Care Services franchise in their local areas. Our newest owners have diverse backgrounds and join HomeWell to provide compassionate care in their communities.


This sibling duo are starting their HomeWell Care Services agency in their home state of Texas. Jeff and Meredith both have professional experience in sales and operations in the healthcare field. Meredith started her career in the fashion industry and then transitioned into medical device sales. Having a passion for building relationships, sales has been the perfect fit for her. She has been recognized for top sales performance in her previous roles.

Jeff spent most of his career in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry in a wide variety of roles including, sales, marketing, research, and customer service. They are excited to start a new challenge.

“We chose HomeWell because the company is committed to growing the organization and they bring on franchisees that will represent the organization well, that are team players committed to bringing the rest of the owners forward with them. There is a strong network of owners that are willing to provide advice and want to see you become successful. Additionally, we were just convinced that the support provided by the corporate team far exceeded that of any other in-home care franchise.”

Jeff and Meredith Clark


Brandon Phipps served in the Army where he joined the Ranger Indoctrination Program and eventually served in the 82nd Airborne Division. Phipps was then deployed to Afghanistan for one year in August 2009. Once he left the Army, he worked in the oil industry in various roles and attended school. He earned his Associate of Applied Science degree in Business, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and an MBA as well.

Brandon toyed around with many business start-up ideas and would run those ideas by his professor. When he brought the ideas of home care, it seemed like a terrific opportunity.

“I chose a franchise because there is too much to think about and having a strong team like HomeWell to support us is priceless. Having access to preferred vendors and consultants is so helpful. I couldn’t imagine doing this without a franchise. It would be very difficult to be successful, especially in a licensed state, without the experience.”

Brandon Phipps


Husband and wife team, José and Katie, will be starting their next adventure together by opening a HomeWell in their hometown. José immigrated from Colombia in 2000 and settled in the Tampa area. His professional experience has been in the public and private business sector creating successful business partnerships with companies in the U.S. and Latin America.

Katie, a native of Tampa, helped her mother care for her aging grandparents, which cultivated her love of caring for others and sparked her interest in healthcare. Katie has 15 years of healthcare experience and is passionate about providing care to those that are home bound so they can remain in their homes and continue to live with dignity.

Coupling their backgrounds, they will form a partnership to provide care to the aging population while bringing peace of mind to families in need.

“The home care industry is exciting because it will provide personal fulfillment and will make a difference in other people’s lives. There are a lot of seniors in Florida that do not have immediate families nearby. We can provide that bridge to assist the seniors and their families in their time of need.”

José and Katie Rincón


Natasha and Laura both have backgrounds in sales. Natasha worked for a telecommunications company and then in the Medicare sales industry. She loved the fact that she was working in a business where she was helping people. Laura has been an independent insurance professional for 30 years. Laura is a trusted advisor to families and senior Medicare recipients. Natasha and Laura have both earned top sales professional awards at their respective companies.

When they were thinking about starting their own business, they looked at different opportunities and eventually landed on home care. They both enjoy working in a business that supports people and really enjoyed the discovery process with HomeWell.

“I really enjoyed the discovery process. The entire team was very helpful and answered all my questions. I did not feel pressured to join and they gave me enough time to make this life changing decision. I appreciate the fact they vet each prospect to make sure they are a great fit for HomeWell and will succeed in this business.”

Natasha Matos

Opening a HomeWell Care Services will not only provide the opportunity for financial success, but it also provides a means for taking care of others. An investment in home care gives you the opportunity to meet the rising demand of the growing senior population who want to age in their homes. HomeWell Franchising, Inc. is committed to the success of our owners. Learn more about franchising opportunities with us.

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