HomeWell Owner Spotlight: Patricia King

In this Q&A, we sat down with new HomeWell franchisee, Patricia King. With a proven track record of spearheading offshore start-up facilities for oil and gas, Patricia brings a wealth of leadership experience and business know-how as she seeks to develop her HomeWell agency into the premier home care provider in Glendale, Arizona.

Q: How has the process been so far? How has it been meeting different members of the HomeWell team?
A: HomeWell has been fantastic. I love how organized HomeWell is—from its structure to its programs. They know what works and have a step-by-step plan, which removes the ‘guessing game’ that business ownership can feel like at first.

Since I’m not from the United States, many specifics of the business start-up process are new to me. HomeWell has been phenomenal in walking me through the process, from registration to taxes.

Q: Being from the Caribbean, what interested you in starting a business in the United States?
A: After twenty years of working in oil and gas and in the corporate world, I wanted to do something different—to be an entrepreneur. One day, I took this short webinar about starting your own franchise, which opened my eyes to possibilities. I’ve always just thought of fast-food restaurants and such as franchises, but then I realized there are so many more opportunities within franchising, especially in the United States. I chose to move to the United States because I’ve always wanted to migrate there, but previous circumstances never allowed me to. I believe it’s a better land for business.

I decided on Arizona after HomeWell helped me to evaluate different states and the projected financials for various territories. This process helped me determine that Arizona seems like the best fit for me right now. Also, coming from the Caribbean, the warm climate in Arizona seems more appealing to me! However, I do eventually want to open more HomeWell franchises in other territories across different states.

Q: Can you tell us about your professional background?
A: I started out working in mechanical engineering, quickly moving up the ranks at a major multinational organization in oil and gas. I was blessed to progress quickly in my career and got to management in my early thirties. Being a woman, it did feel like an uphill battle at times because most of my peers and superiors at that time were men. So, I transitioned into major projects building offshore facilities and platforms, and I loved it. I was able to establish some records as well—I am the only operations manager to have led consecutive startups with no incidents or gas releases. After that period, I became the Deputy Subsea Productions Operations Manager for two years before being promoted to Subsea Operations Manager. I served in this position for another two years before deciding to resign. However, after two months on the couch and spending my days cleaning profusely, I realized that I was missing work, and I discovered HomeWell.

Q: As you considered opening various franchises, what was it about home care that stuck out to you?
A: Financially speaking, I liked that home care doesn’t require as much financial investment in the way of equipment. Being in oil and gas for so many years, I know that equipment breaks, and investing in equipment not just at the start but having to replace and update it over the years can be very costly.
However, my draw to home care goes beyond just financial benefits. At a young age, I can remember taking care of my mom when she was sick. Also, there was a time when I had a bout of illness, and I was out for about two months. During that time, my friends all had to take turns taking care of me. I felt very vulnerable in this season and looking back, I wish I could’ve used some type of home care or home health option. That’s why post-operative care and just home care, in general, resonate with me because I know firsthand how important it is. It can feel like you’re burdening your loved ones and taking time away from them, but with home care, you can receive the support you need without always calling your brother, sister, or whoever is closest to you. So, being on both sides as a family caregiver and being taken care of by loved ones, home care means much to me.

Also, when you’re in a season where you need care, you may not want your family members to see you in that state or have to perform certain duties for you. I believe home care can allow you to maintain not only your independence but your dignity.

Q: What would you like your agency to become known for?
A: I understand that clients may feel a sense of vulnerability with home care. I want them to know that their dignity is very important to us, and we will give them and their families the respect and level of care they deserve.

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