HomeWell Franchising Inc. ® Introduces Zero Initial Franchise Fee Offer for New Owners

Breaking the barrier to business ownershipBurkburnett, Texas – HomeWell Franchising Inc., the franchisor of leading non-medical in-home care provider HomeWell Care Services, announced a zero initial franchise fee offering for new franchise owners. Beginning July 1, 2022, HomeWell Franchising will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own HomeWell Care Services home care business with no initial franchise fee, as opposed to the typical $49,500 required in its previous sole offering.

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At HomeWell, the success of its owners, new and existing, has always been at the forefront. With access to HomeWell’s vast marketing and brand resource platforms, ongoing support from dedicated franchise business coaches, and the ability to leverage HomeWell’s expertly designed Signature™ Programs, owners are equipped to establish a strong presence in their communities and grow their business.

HomeWell is also focused on enhancing its training efforts for owners with the development of a robust training platform to keep owners apprised of best practices and industry trends and offer more insights into improving clients’ quality of life.

In the last few years, HomeWell has experienced tremendous growth, signing over 35 new owners and expanding its footprint in 25 new states. After year-over-year growth of more than 40 percent in several key areas, HomeWell earned itself a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in 2021.

Brandon Clifford, senior vice president of HomeWell’s development and franchise services areas, believes that the franchise’s ongoing success is largely due to the caliber of its owners and their commitment to providing the highest level of care to clients.

As a key player in the home care industry, HomeWell believes empowering its owners is the key to helping as many families as possible through its award-winning home care services.

The Burkburnett, Texas-based home care franchise HomeWell has 50 locations representing over 100 territories across the United States.

Generally, the franchise business model offers new entrepreneurs the chance to enter the space without having to build a completely new business from the ground up. This model allows new owners to join companies that have an established brand and built-in systems that set them up for success.

Still, the cost of franchise fees can be steep and a barrier to entry for those looking to enter the business. Prior to HomeWell’s announcement, a potential owner would need to shell out $49,500 in initial franchise fees, which is about in line with other home care franchises, though fees do vary.

At most home care companies, the initial franchising fee doesn’t include the funds needed for licensing, training and other costs.

Even though HomeWell has lifted its initial franchise fee, potential owners will still need to meet specific liquid capital and net worth qualifications.

In addition to HomeWell’s zero initial franchise fee offering, the company will beef up its training efforts for its franchise owners. Specifically, HomeWell will develop a comprehensive training platform that keeps owners informed about best practices, industry trends and other insights.

“We invested significantly in our training and support efforts,” Franz said. “Earlier this year, we hired a 25-year learning and training veteran, Erika Ehlers, to join our team, assess our entire training system and revamp the entire learning program as necessary.”

Over the past six months, Ehlers has been doing a full needs assessment with HomeWell’s current owners, according to Franz.

Ultimately, Franz believes this will have a positive impact on the company.

“At HomeWell, we really like to lead the pack, we like to be innovative and make bold moves in order to help our owners, as well as deliver on the need for home care,” she said. “I’m not sure if other home care franchise companies will follow suit, but we are hopeful in this endeavor. We think it’s going to help us meet our goals of becoming a more national brand, as well as help our current franchise vehicles.”

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What Are The Details? 

Upon signing your franchise agreement and submitting your initial training fee, you can choose between the following:

Option 1: The Standard Path

For entrepreneurs who prefer the traditional approach to buying a franchise, the standard path may be ideal. This buying option includes an initial franchise fee of $49,500, with an ongoing royalty rate of 5%.* The initial franchise fee must be paid in full within 150 days from the date of signing your franchise agreement.

Who may prefer this option:

You may prefer the standard path if you would rather pay more upfront than pay a higher royalty rate. You should also choose this path if you plan to purchase more than one territory.*

Option 2: The Zero-Initial Franchise Fee

You can start your HomeWell Care Services agency with no initial franchise fee and opt for just the initial training fee of $5,000 at signing and a 10% ongoing royalty rate until reaching a pre-determined amount of revenue.** refer this option:

Who may prefer this option: 

You may prefer the standard path if you would rather pay more upfront than pay a higher royalty rate. You should also choose this path if you plan to purchase more than one territory.*

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