A HomeWell Owner Spotlight

June 30, 2021

Rob and Susan Locke | HomeWell Care Services in Charlotte, NC 

Rob and Susan Locke decided to open their HomeWell Care Services agency after enjoying careers in the corporate world. Susan was an accountant and bookkeeperwhile Rob owned a photography business and worked at a large family and school photography company. Their combined experience in these previous roles help them with their day-to-day operations at their new agency. Susan manages the payroll, billing and oversees scheduling, care management, and recruitment. Rob manages the sales team, meets with prospective clients and assists with assessments. 

Prior to their joining HomeWell, the couple investigated other options for business ownership. Ultimately, the decision came down to the desire to make a difference in people’s lives, learning about the dramatic growth in the aging population, and the fact that the home care industry is booming.  

Their Successes So Far 

The Lockes opened their HomeWell Care Services in August 2020. At this time, they knew they needed to hire the right people to join their team. They believe that finding, hiring and retaining great people is the most important aspect of their business. In order to provide compassionate care to their community, Rob and Susan want to work with the best caregivers. By offering good compensation, feedback, and coaching, they continue to improve on their performance every day. 

Because their work philosophy is embedded in high recruitment standards, they hosted a job fair and saw such a huge success that they are planning on hosting another one. They also continue to evolve and optimize their process for finding caregivers and evaluating them prior to ongoing events and orientation.  

Sharing the Same Values 

Rob and Susan knew HomeWell was the right choice for them during the discovery process that franchise candidates go through to learn about a HomeWell franchise. The HomeWell team shared the company’s mission and vision for which the Lockes felt connected. This was important to this husband-and-wife team. Because of these shared values, the Lockes ensure that anyone they hire also shares these values. The people they hire must have a passion to help others. The HomeWell network of franchisees has also been incredibly helpful to the couple as they started their new business. Everyone is willing to help and offer advice. 

The couple also felt that the corporate team offered a lot of support and really trained them on the home care industry. The processes and training really helped the couple launch their business since they were so new to the home care industry.  

Managing the Competition 

While there are many competitors in their market, Rob and Susan are really focused on improving their system and agency. There are countless people who can benefit from home care and word of mouth is key to educating on its benefits and how HomeWell can help. By hiring the right people and ensuring they build their company according to their vision, their know their success will continue. 

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