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We’re Building This Business to Last: Jose and Katie Rincon

February 23, 2022

The pandemic closed a door for Jose and Katie Rincon, reports Eric Horchy for the Tampa Beacon.

After striking out on his own in 2019 and opening a consulting firm in his field of expertise, international business development, COVID-19 and 2020 “hit and hit hard,” Jose said. Once the Rincons opted to close the firm in December 2020, it wasn’t long before the search for the next door began.

After shooting down options like getting into the restaurant business or remodeling, the couple said it was a good time to join forces.

“When we decided to do something again, one thing was that we wanted to do it together,” Jose said. Katie has spent the past 17 years of her professional life in the medical field. “And two, we wanted to have something that would be making us happy and proud at the end of the day. It wasn’t just about the money, but it was about helping people and making the world better one person at a time.”

As the exploration narrowed, the Rincons’ thoughts began to focus on shared family experiences of searching for caregivers to serve elderly relatives.

“We decided to go into home care, and then we found HomeWell,” Jose said of the Texas-based company. HomeWell Care Services operates franchises throughout the United States that provide at-home care for the elderly or individuals living with a disability or recovering from an injury.

Considering Jose’s business acumen and Katie’s nearly two decades in the health care industry, combining the two felt ideal, the couple said.

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